Fin Disposable Review

Aaron BakerI recently had the opportunity to interview Aaron Baker of the SavageSmokes team regarding his recent purchase of the Fin disposable electronic cigarette. Aaron describes fin as “Fin is a very affordable and solid ecig. It may not be the best but it is far from the worst, on the go I will totally grab a fin disposable if available and needed”. He enjoys the taste, vapor, and the price of Fin.

What was the price of the disposable electronic cigarette?

Aaron: The price was good, it was about $8.00 after tax. Compare that to $9.99 Green Smoke, and BluCigs.

How was the taste?

Aaron: The taste is good, as far as a menthol cigarette is concerned. It tasted more like menthol candy, it was on the sweeter side but still a good flavor. Comparable to GreenSmoke Vapors, but not the same.

What was the smoke volume like?

Aaron: Smoke volume was good, but 50% of the time I had to prime it. (Priming means you take 2 short drags and one long drag to get vapor going in automatic batteries).

Would you buy the product again?

Aaron: I would definite snag one of those if I was on the run. Affordable price, and mine is still working after about 5 days of fairly steady use.

What do you think of the packaging?

Aaron: The packaging is super cool. It looks like a vintage ecig you would buy at a “5&dime”. It has a strong retro look that I am a complete fan of.

Would you refer Fin to another person?

Aaron: I would definitely refer this to anyone. I’m not a traditional menthol smoker but have been a fan of GreenSmoke menthol and now FIN menthol.

Could you make the switch using Fin?

Aaron: I believe that this product is fantastic for testing the waters or picking up an ecig while you’re on the run. I have to try their rechargeable before I can say you could make the switch using Fin.

In summary Aaron had a fantastic experience with his Fin disposable electronic cigarette.  If you are looking to test the waters with electronic cigarettes. We highly recommend you purchase a Fin if you see one. It’s an overall pleasant, and good introductory experience to electronic cigarettes.


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